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Connections Therapy and Coaching

Making the Connection

Keri L Christensen LISW

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Therapy Sessions

"Never say can't,
because then you won't"
-Adam McWherter, 13


Individual Therapy is specifically focused on what you need to grow and thrive as an individual and in all your roles in life.  Different approaches are used such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Strengths-Based, and Interpersonal.

Neuro-Emotional Technique

NET is a psychosomatic stress reduction intervention aimed at emotional and physical health improvement.

Contact Reflex Analysis

CRA focuses helps get the energy flowing properly through your body. 

How does Therapy work?

Therapy allows you the ability to process information and life experiences and receive both positive and challenging feedback to reach the goals you have set.


Therapy sessions are client driven and goal oriented. We will follow a treatment plan, which we will form together throughout the first couple of sessions. Throughout the sessions, we will focus on your relationships, lifestyle, behaviors and your spiritual life. We will also identify and build on your existing coping skills and positive social support network.


Therapy is led by the client and, therefore, will be work for you. Just keep in mind that hard work pays off!

I have been working with Keri for over 5 years.  She has helped me work through my anxiety and has taught me a ton of strategies that benefit my life and relationships on a daily basis.

Miranda, 32 

After therapy sessions with Keri, I've learned to overcome my Anxiety, stress and Depression.  She has been a real life saver.  I can honestly say I'm a happier and better person today because of the techniques I learned.

Matt, 43

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