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The Connection's Technique

Our stressors and current struggles are often connected to situations we have experienced and we may not realize they are associated.  We survive by treating the symptoms and dealing with the obvious, rather than digging deep enough to make lasting changes. Part of healing is connecting the emotional with the physical and spiritual parts of who we are to heal completely. We need to find the true cause of our stressors rather than treat the symtpoms of what we feel. Using a holistic approach helps us to dig deeper than the surface level and find healing below the surface. 

Neuro-Emotional Technique and Contact Reflex Analysis, which compliment other therapeutic techniques, offer a different approach than typical therapy. Often in life we get "stuck" and waste time spinning our wheels rather than working on letting go of past hurts and allowing ourself to heal emotionally. By using these techniques that connect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, we allow ourselves to heal more fully.  


Faith-based counseling is offered to all clients who want to apply biblical principles to their therapy. My faith is Christianity and this is incorporated into my faith-based counseling, however, this is never pushed onto clients. 


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