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My Approach

We will use an eclectic approach to therapy which utilizes a strengths-based approach,  focusing on your strengths to assist you in reaching your goals.  Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal, and Solution-Focused techniques are also often used. In other words, focus will be on solving problems through exploring how thinking patterns attribute to life perspectives, as well as focusing on building and improving healthy relationships.

Neuro-Emotional Technique and Contact Reflex Analysis, which compliments other therapeutic techniques, offers a different approach than many therapists. Often in life we get "stuck" and waste time spinning our wheels rather than working on letting go of past hurts and allowing ourself to heal emotionally. By using these techniques that connect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, we allow ourselves to heal more fully.  


Faith-based counseling is offered to all clients who want to apply biblical principles to their therapy. My faith is Christianity and this is incorporated into my faith-based counseling, however, this is never pushed onto clients. 


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