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About Keri....

I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker with a master's degree in social work from the University of Iowa. My professional experience includes working with a variety of people with a range of goals and life issues . I started Connections Family Therapy in 2011.  Building this business has helped me be able to focus more on my clients individual needs and at the same time be able to put more focus on my own family.

Currently, I enjoy working with clients with techniques such as NET and CRA to help people discover how they can be at their best physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Past experience:

*Family Psychology Associates from 2008-2011 - Therapist

I worked with children, teens, adults and families with relational issues as mood and anxiety disorders.


*Abbe Center for Community Mental Health from 1999-2008 - Therapist 

I provided out-patient therapy and school-based therapy services in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. Prior to obtaining my master's degree, I worked in the Community Support Program at the Abbe Center for Community Mental Health working with a wide variety of clients with many mental health diagnoses.

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