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Therapy for Teens

Therapy can be specifically focused on the needs of teenagers.  These needs may be learning to deal with social stress, changing family dynamics, or just growing up in a world engulfed in social media.  Needs may be more intense such as Depression, Anxiety or other mental illnesses.  Focus will be on helping break through the stigma that they may connect to going to therapy.  Therapy will be a place to learn new skills, process stressors and maybe even have fun!


Self-Injury:  I am trained in self-injury through S.A.F.E. Alternatives, a residential treatment program located in the Center Pointe Hospital in St. Charles, Missouri.  Part of my self-injury treatment is working with parents to help them better understand why their child is self-injuring.  Clients learn to better express emotions in a more appropriate and safe way.

Intake Packet for Teens

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